Electronic Tithing: The New Way to Give to the Church

Giving tithes to the church is an age-old tradition that many have partaken of. With the innovation of technology, there is an easier way to give tithes to the local church without even being present. How has this new technology made tithing easier for the churchgoer?

Smartphones have made life a lot easier for many people. No matter if you are using a flashlight, using a ruler, or adding up numbers, smartphones have replaced all those household items into one device. With new ways to make life easier, it was only a matter of time before designers would revolutionize the tithing process. Some members of the church are away on vacations, work, or any other reason that may make their physical presence an issue. With new technology, their weekly tithes can still be given with the pushing of a button on a smartphone. What makes this so easy is that, if a patron can send a text message then sending a tithe using a smartphone is just as easy. Across the globe, smartphones have made life easier and more adaptable for many reasons. Tithing is just another way smartphone have entered into the lives of patrons and brought along many benefits at the same time. A fine example can be seen on a webpage like https://get.tithe.ly/text-giving-for-churches/.

Many people want to donate to the church and some even want to remain anonymous for one reason or another. Some donors want to donate bigger amounts than a traditional collection plate can handle. Well, there is now a new way to do so and remain anonymous in the process. With new technology providing a way for donors to support their local church or any church for that matter, religious institutions have made the process of receiving donations much easier. The process is an easy one for those who want to know just where the money goes when given via the internet. The money will go into the church bank account that is set up with the financial institution of choice. This is like someone sending money through a bank account to a family member or loved one. This is with the church instead. The good thing about this process is that the money will clear in less than 72 hours. This makes donating to an organization much easier and seamless at the same time.

The ease of this process even allows for recurring donations to be made. This is a benefit for those who like to do automatic payments for bill purposes or any other financial responsibility. The same recurring system is now available for church tithing. The innovation in this department has made things easier for those who may have any other obligation to attend to and still want to make a contribution to the church of choice. Many religious institutions are aware of the benefit of this technology and have made all the necessary arrangements to partake thereof. As more and more patrons become aware of this technology, there will be more and more donations made to the benefit of the institution of choice.